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Fishing community in Aido Beach, Benin work with an experimental net.

The conference programme is currently in development and the detailed programme will be posted shortly. The programme is expected to consist of three parallel tracks of technical sessions covering the themes listed below:

  1. Applied experiences in Freshwater, Coastal or Marine Fisheries and Aquaculture.
  2. Linking global, regional and national climate change and disaster risk management processes to fisheries and aquaculture.
  3. Communicating climate change issues and potential impacts to policy makers, fishers, farmers, fishworkers, scientist, development partners, industry and others for effective planning, implementation, and monitoring.
  Sunday Monday 8th Tuesday 9th Wednesday 10th Thursday 11th Friday 12th
8.00-8.30   Registration        
8.30-9.00   Welcome Summary of day 1 Summary of day 2  
9.00-10.00   Plenary presentations Field trip Drafting Committee
10.00-10.30   Coffee break    
10.30-12.30   Parallel presentation sessions (three tracks)
12.30-13.30   Lunch
13.30-15.30   Flexi sessions (three tracks)
15.30-16.00   Coffee break
16.00-17.30 Registration Plenary presentations
16.00-18.00   Cocktails and posters